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Staying Healthy – More Than Plain Diet And Exercises

Staying healthy is more than just exercising and eating healthy food. You need to plan carefully what you eat and how you exercise. For this occasion, we prepared a few tips for staying healthy and being in a good physical shape.

Eat for a smile

They say that we are what we eat. What did you eat today? Was it a spicy piece of bacon and cheese wrapped in bread, with lots of mayo on it? Or was it a salad with loads of seasonable veggies and fruits? The choice was yours. And only yours.

We live a fast life; we work a lot, we don’t have time to eat, we don’t sleep enough, and we’re stressed about everything daily. But, if we chose the right things to put in our bellies, we can boost the quality of our lives, and be way more healthy.

Here are a few tips what to eat to be energized and happy.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

As said above – breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it influences on the course of the whole day. It raises the energy in the body and restores the blood glucose level to normal after an overnight rest.
Without breakfast your body is empty in a morning and like that – it’s not capable of doing anything effectively. It’s like you’re trying to start a car without gas.
Eating breakfast has long-term health benefits. It can reduce obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Go nuts!

Eating nuts can be good for your heart. They contain unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients, and they are great to snack food too. They are not that expensive; they are easy to store and easy to pack when you are on the go. It’s not important what type of nuts you eat, although some of them have more heart-healthy nutrients and fats than others. Choose between walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts – almost every type of nut has a lot of nutrition packed into a tiny package.

Eat to concentrate

The right food helps you think clearly and focus easily. It can optimize your concentration, and it can increase energy levels. Food has the incredible ability to affect your mental clarity, mood, memory, and ability to focus, so if you are looking for to boost it – you should start with what you’re eating.

A good choice is blueberries, avocados, green tea, coffee, fatty fish, water, nuts, etc.

Grab that chocolate!

You must eat chocolate daily! Doing so will help you lose some weight, even if you are on a diet. When you eat chocolate on a diet, it’s a daily reward, so you can’t get deprived. Chocolate can also improve your mood. Choose dark chocolate which contains magnesium, and caffeine, which both help you de-stress, clear your mind and heighten your mood. It stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin, which make you feel good. Off course, this doesn’t mean you should eat the whole brick of chocolate every day, but small doses can significantly boost your mood.